Thursday, June 15, 2006

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Becky tagged me and here it goes.

What were we doing . . .

20 years ago:

I'm so old this could have started with 30 years ago when I was just a pup but alas, it starts at 20. In 1986, we bought a our second house, a split-entry (a style I swore I would never own but I fell in love with that house), we were pregnant with our second child (Carrie) and Keith started his second EE job. This is the first time I realized it was our year of seconds. That was an interesting summer. I was working at a local hospital on many different shifts. Keith had to go out of town for a couple days. I took our son all the way out to my parents (2 hour drive) to leave him there so that I could work a couple overnight shifts. It was really hot that day. I woke up that afternoon and moved down to the lowest level hoping to cool off. I had turned on the TV for company and was laying on the sofa, with my back to the TV. I was kind of dozing when I heard them say that a tornado was on 85th Avenue in our city. What a shock--we lived on 80th Avenue. I rolled over and looked at the screen to see live footage of the tornado. Then I went outside, yes, just what they tell you not to do. It was incredible. The tornado was about 5 miles east of us. Of course, Keith was flying into town that day. Is it any wonder that Carrie came 3 weeks early!!!

10 years ago:

1996 -- We were in our 3rd house by then and busy finishing rooms for Carrie and Joe, in the lowest level. I do not recommend this because garden windows make sneaking out really easy. At any rate, that is the year that a group of us started an outreach in the northwest metro area. Crazy!! The meeting place was in our old city, about 6 blocks from our old house. How funny is that? I was not working at the time. Erin started Kindergarten that fall and Joe started 7th grade. Carrie was in 4th grade. We still think we should have kept the kids in Christian school but no, they went to public school that year. In retrospect, I'd have to say that junior high is not the time to change schools on any kid.

5 years ago:

2001 -- Many struggles that year. Keith started working a contract job that promised to let him work from home. I was working 45 minutes from home. Joe was not happy. We survived.

3 years ago:

2003 -- Carrie and Erin were back in Christian school, I was still working 45 minutes from home. Joe had moved out. Keith was working from home. Carrie was celebrating one year post-brain tumor survival.

1 year ago:

2005 -- Oh how far a couple years can bring you. I had surgery in January. We brought home our 4th child-- Mya -- from China in April and Carrie graduated from HS and went to college ten hours away, Keith and I celebrated 25 years of marriage. What a year!!!! My sister-in-law asked me about the China trip and I told her it was the hardest thing I had ever done. Amazing, I had difficulties with my son, had a daughter who survived brain surgery and this little one was the hardest thing I had ever done. I'm not minimizing the other situations, it just felt overwhelming at the time. I am so thankful that I serve a God who is greater than any situation in my life.


Erin, Mya and I visited my parents. Dad is 82 now and has Parkinson's disease and has greatly slowed down. Mom is 70. They celebrated 50 years of marriage last year. Mom is amazing. She keeps that household running, takes care of everything, including my dad and still has time to knit for needy kids, makes baby quilts for the county and quilts for all the grandkids. Erin will be staying with them next month and plans to continue to learn the finer points of quilting.


Mya and I are in the family room, watching children's TV. Keith went to work hours ago. Carrie just left for work. Erin is still sleeping. I'm on the computer. You could say this is a very typical morning for us. This afternoon we will go to the county seat to get police letters to put in our Dossier to send to China for our next daughter--Lily. Yep, sometimes we repeat the hardest things in our life because they turn out just fine.


Same as today but throw in a shift at the hospital. Haven't figured how to get that money without leaving home!!!

Becky, you're right, that does really make you think and be thankful. Again, I am glad my God is really, really big!!!!

Think I will tag my nephew and his wife -- Duane and Steph. I have to make sure they have a blog site.

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Beckyb said...

I am reading this with tears in my eyes - God is SO good - we did not know all you had been through - only a little with Joe and had no idea about Carrie - and yes, we experienced the whole China thing with you - but yes, we all survived and YES, we are going to repeat it all too - want to wait up for us?!?!?!? :) Becky