Friday, June 30, 2006


Wow, things are moving along so fast that I feel like our heads are spinning. Our social worker emailed to say our home study is approved and that she will be sending much of our paperwork to be state sealed. We are having our fingerprints done today, too. It's taking half the time that Mya's prep took but then we don't have to repeat some of the things we did for the original home study. BUT, the wait times after our paperwork goes to China is double that of a year ago. That part is a major bummer.

2 viewers thoughts.:

Stefanie said...

We are shouting loud hip-hip- hooray's here at the Beckering household for you! ;)

Beckyb said...

We are too - hope ours is as speedy - I am already praying that things start to speed up in China!!