Friday, July 07, 2006


Wow!! Our SW emailed this afternoon to let us know that she was notified of our USCIS (immigration) approval. We were only fingerprinted last Friday and it was a holiday weekend. Who says the government is slow? They certainly were not this time.

We spent today getting paperwork redone. Some of our dates had crossouts and one notary did not have long enough of licensure and some wording needed to be changed and life insurance numbers added. Stuff like that. It's not hard, just a pain. Hoping all that stuff is in order now cuz it has to be state sealed.

For all of you who have not adopted, please do not ever tell an adoptive parent that they took the "easy way" to get their child. It is a BIG insult.

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Stefanie said...

WOW!!!! You must be soooo excited! I can't wait to hear that DTC date! Enjoy the weekend! ;)