Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wedding Dress Decision

This afternoon we will go to David's Bridal to scope out some dresses for both Carrie and the bridesmaids. Let's hope it is fun and not a problem. Mya will be along and that can be very interesting. We're hoping to find nice dresses at a good price. Is that even possible?

5 viewers thoughts.:

Stefanie said...

Is there a "good price" for anything now a days? LOL What fun this next year will be for you gals! ;) Shopping, showers.....more shopping....poor Keith! ;)

Beckyb said...

So much fun - you just enjoy every minute - how fun to be planning a wedding with a little one in tow - not everyone can do that!!!!


Anonymous said...

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Verna said...

I have told Keith that I am ready to lose my ever-lovin mind. Carrie is a bit of a rollercoaster to deal with these days. I'm pretty sure I will have to double the strength of my hair dye to cover all the grays that I will have come January.

Anonymous said...

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