Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More Detroit Lakes Pix

Yes, this is the same girl in my previous post. I was unable to post pix for a few days. Now we will make up for lost time.

The house we rented had a little deck area facing the east.

The sunrise is taken though a screen but is still very nice. AND it was a disposable camera.

The city of Detroit Lakes has sunfish "statues" throughout the town. Some had scenes painted on them. Others were mirror chips. This one has sequins the size of quarters dangling from it. Kind of cool.

Another shot of Erin and Mya crossing the mighty Mississippi.

On the last morning at the house, we had some bread to spare. So, we fed it to the sunfish off the dock. They were like goldfish coming up to the top and grabbing the bread. Mya just loved it.

Keep checking back. I've got some really silly pix of Mya waiting to be downloaded from my digital camera.

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