Saturday, August 19, 2006

Need to stop and pray!

Boy, life is going like a merry-go-round in high gear or maybe that is the spin cycle on my washing machine. Either way, I'd like it to stop so that I can just get off and take a mental rest.

Carrie's wedding plans are moving slowly from my vantage point. I have seen/heard no real hardcore arrangements since the dresses were decided on. She returns to school in 2 weeks. Every time I mention anything, I get my head chewed off. It's hard to watch, knowing it will be difficult to make arrangements from 3 hours away BUT not much I can do about that.

Our social worker will be telling us soon if our dossier has gone to China and been logged in. In many ways, I am happy to have a year to get life together before her arrival but in other ways, I just want to get on with it.

Work is busy again and as usual I worked the last 5 of seven days--my scheduler can't seem to get it clear that I need a day or 3 off after working the weekend. For those of you who don't know, I'm only supposed to work 5 days in 14. Hence the complaint. For the next week after my weekend, I put in a formal request to be scheduled off for the Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday following. We'll see how that comes out.

Erin is in the habit of having friends over nearly every night of the week. That's fine since she needs a social life and is unable to drive until next month. However, our frig is empty and the house gets messier more quickly. Next week she gets her wisdom teeth out. WOO HOO. God bless Katie Lo who will be coming over that day to watch both Erin and Mya while I head off to work. Guess I could have planned that better but wanted to get it done before school starts. Carrie got dry socket last spring. Let's hope Erin does not.

Keith just got hearing aids. That's an ego buster. (Wallet buster, too.) AND my new glasses just don't feel right. Wretched things make my left eye feel weird.

This weekend is church camp. It's right here in town. So, that is nice. No hotels and Mya can sleep in her own bed. She gets pretty worn out with all the activity, as does mom.

I'm sure my life is not really much different from others. I have just chosen to record the chaos for all of you to read.

Yes, Becky, I need to read your book about the busyness of life. Tonight I will get in some serious prayer time at the camp. The theme is "Pursuing His Purpose--it's not about me". Pretty timely, I'd say.

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Beckyb said...

Ok - your life makes mine sound slow - I hear you - it's hard to remember in the midst of all of that to take time to enjoy it!! Try if you can - soon enough that house will be empty and quiet - I'm trying to remind myself of that too!!