Monday, August 21, 2006

Return to Securiy!

So thankful that Bro Mark Grishom from Florida stayed to preach at our church yesterday. Let me relay a tiny portion of his message.

Mark was in the airport, kind of running on autopilot, putting shoes on x-ray belt, grabbing his stuff on the other side. He'd done it a million times and it took no real conscious thought process. He was brought back to reality by a loud clear voice make this overhead announcement "Rich Davis, return to security, Rich Davis, return to security."

Would this announcement have come if this man forgot his sunglasses or some other small item? No, he must have forgotten something really important.

The Lord worked on Bro Mark to formulate a basic message that applies to each of us "Verna, return to security, you have forgotten your Bible."

So many times, we fail to go to the secure words of God. We think we can do in all on our own strength. Overtime, we start to think skewed thoughts. We need to RETURN TO SECURITY, WE HAVE FORGOTTEN OUR BIBLES.

What a great message. I know I needed it. I only hope I have done it justice.

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