Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sharing the Bounty

Each fall, our church collects food for the local food shelf. For the second time, Mya has shown up with her little shopping cart full to the brim with lots of good food that kids enjoy. She and Tami did a little advertisement as the kick off for the event, titled "Share the Bounty".

No matter where you live, your food shelf needs your help. Please make a donation. Many children go to school hungry, causing them to have a difficult time learning. Many elderly, on fixed incomes have used food shelves in difficult times.


I'm also going to put out an appeal, for everyone who is able, to donate blood to your local blood bank. With the holidays coming, and due to shortages, it is crucial for anyone who can give to give.
As a Laboratory Scientist, I can tell you first hand the difference that a pint of blood can make. You never know whose life will be affected by your gift. I also am keenly aware of the shortage of blood in our supply. Recently at work, when calling for units from the American Red Cross, I was told that they could not send us extra units because they were running short and needed them on site for emergency purposes.

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Carrie said...

so i totally was going to give blood the other day when they were here on campus. but they were on their lunch break at the worst time. so that is my logical, good excuse of not giving blood. :) maybe another time soon...

cute pic of mya!