Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Birthday to . . . ME!

What a nice day. No, the weather was not sunny and 65 but it was a quiet day with Erin home from school. The best part is that the latest special needs list from Bethany came out. We have looked at the last couple lists but have never actually applied to be considered as parents for any of the children. This may be the one that we actually take action. Please help us pray as we consider the best route to take. God bless!

2 viewers thoughts.:

Anonymous said...

Oh - we asked to see that too but our SW didn't call us today- maybe tomorrow!! ALthough - are we looking for the same daughter here?!?!

Happy Birthday too!! You young thing, you!!

Stefanie said...

Happy Birthday......Keep us posted on any new decisions. You'll be in my prayers! :)