Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Standoff in the OK family room

Well, I'm getting to the end of the proverbial rope. I have noticed many things with Mya that I will need to work on. Fortunately, we are scheduled for another counseling session next Wed.

Today, I had had enough of being bossed around. Yeah, I know I'm the mom but sometimes our eyes get clouded by those cute little faces. Anyway, Mya had a big hissy fit and it took about 15 minutes but she did what I told her to do. I suspect this area will get better if I can stick to my guns.

Anyway, I just wanted to blog this so I have record. Mya has this funny/quirky little habit of putting things back where they were if I move them and she doesn't want me to. I.e. If she wants her whatever-it-is and I can reach it, I grab it and she gets mad, puts it back in the exact spot it was and then gets it herself. On the flip side, if she wants me to get something and I am busy and want her to get it herself, she will literally pull me away from what I am doing and make me pick it up. That is what happened today. I refused to get the pink and Murphy so that we could rock in the chair. Silly, but quite a power struggle. She ran and fell on the floor crying. It actually would look quite funny on a video. At one point, she nearly fell on the fireplace bricks. That would not have been a pretty site. After the big stand off, she sat in my lap and watched TV but she would not let me put my hands around her.

All this is daily behavior at our house. That is why we went to the counselor.

4 viewers thoughts.:

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Verna that's one of the hardest things to teach a kid. And I had to do it to 10 or more... :o/ I'll keep praying for you, Mya and the family. As I am sure she'll have many hissy fits.


P.S. Still can't remember my user or password... :o)

Carrie said...

did you get any more pics from the shower? could i get them from you when i get back home over break? thanks :), off to do my paper... ick!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Mom - you are boss and you will win!!!! This can be a tough age - especially with SPICY girls!!!

Stefanie said...

Sophia can be a little feisty from time to time as well. It can be frustrating! Hang in there! :)