Friday, December 08, 2006

Favorite Photo Friday

Steph has inspired me to post some China pix. We'll keep this crying session going all day. Fortunately, I get to go to work and be distracted :-p

Here's a cute email I received from Keith:

Mya was at the counter opening some Target coupons. I have a pile of important papers for you on the counter. I emphasized strongly that that pile was important papers for mommy and that she should not touch them. I went back downstairs about five minutes later. Mya pointed to the pile and said, "Mya didn't touch papers."


6 viewers thoughts.:

Anonymous said...

Hey! I enjoy a good cry every now and then.
As I recall, you and I shed quite a few tears together on that trip.

And, Keith's e-mail was awesome. What a good girl Mya is.

Anonymous said...

I can still remember Mya looking like that. She has turned into a beautiful girl. We are soooo lucky! ;)

Anonymous said...

It seems like just yesterday when we all traveled, doesn't it? I can remember everything perfectly!

Verna said...

Yes, Nikki, I cried a lot myself during that trip. I can hardly believe we are doing it again. Emmie, it doesn't seem that long ago and yet it is forever ago. Ya know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

Ok - is Kleenex paying you to post these you guys - UGH - or maybe a mascara company?!?!? Such sweet memories!

Anonymous said...

haha mya didn't touch papers! what a cutie miss you guys!