Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Starting Off Bumpy

Guess we have the post-Christmas blues. Mya threw a major fit this morning. First time in quite a while. One more week and hopefully things will get back into some sort of routine.

Keith threw out his back yesterday and is also dealing with dizziness. Not sure were the dizziness is coming from. Just hope it goes away. One problem is enough to cope with. Fortunately he is on vacation this week and doesn't have to worry about calling in. Just want him better soon.

Our new Associate Pastor moves to Minnesota this week. We're pretty excited. He and his family lived in Florida. Hope they make it here before the snowfall that is predicted for late in the week.

Erin, Mya and I hit the Kohl's store yesterday with the idea of getting necklaces for the bridesmaids but Carrie said not to get any until she was there. So much for that but never fear, we found a new coat with matching snow pants and an extra pair of snow pants for Mya and a shirt for Erin all for around $35 -- we had a $10 certificate. I was so proud of our frugality.

Got my hair colored and cut by a wonderful lady from our church--thanks Eileen! Carrie and Erin think it looks really good. Gotta figure out what to do with Mya's hair. I am having her "practice" wearing a clip on her bangs. I hope to find a fancy clip for her for the wedding.

Still gotta find shoes for myself and I guess the bridesmaids do too. I think I'll suggest Famous Footwear. I have one of their memberships. Maybe we can get one pair free or something.

The first bridesmaid arrives Friday morning. Then our house will be full of activity. The girls are going out on Friday night to have a party. The guys are doing something too. Keith and I get to relax--well as much as you can with a 2 yr old in the house.

Practice is on Saturday, since the location of the wedding, Club 3 Degrees ( ), is having a huge New Year's Eve bash with Mark Schultz playing.

Sunday is the groom's dinner at Jon's parent's home. Dan and Faith are wonderful people. I imagine their house is busy with visitors too. Jon's sister lives in Colorodo. She and her husband have a 1 yr old--Elizabeth, and are expecting another baby in the summer. That alone gives Jon's mom plenty to keep busy with.

The pictures start at 2 pm on Monday. Jon and Carrie are having quite a few pictures taken before the service but decided not to see one another until the service. So, the couple shots will be after the service. Hopefully that will be fairly quick as we don't want the guests to wait too long for dinner.

Not sure what the rest of today holds but I better go find out.
Have a good one!

5 viewers thoughts.:

Anonymous said...

wow busy busy day!

Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting to say that it's me... this is Katie by the way!

Emmie said...

Looks like you are pretty busy! Hope Keith feels better soon and all goes well with all the busyness before the wedding! :)

Beckyb said...

The countdown is on!!! Hang in there - soon it will all be over and only have the memories - enjoy it if you can!!! We are thinking of you.

nikki said...

Holy cow are you a busy girl!
Mya's fit is totally natural -- Christmas plus wedding planning equals overwhelmed toddler.
Good luck with everything and keep us posted. How exciting!!!!