Thursday, January 11, 2007

Big Kitty

We've had a quiet day. Just hangin out. Been working on a few behaviors that need help here. One is Mya does something for mommy before she gets to do what she wants. Another was, this is not a restaurant, you have to eat what I offer for lunch.

We were doing pretty good but Mya didn't want Mac'n'Cheese for lunch. She really wanted a Popsicle. I held my ground and in a while, she decided that she could eat the mac. Upstairs we went and she started eating. She insisted that I do the "kugga, kugga, choo, choo" to get it into her mouth. Keith started that. I obliged since I was relatively sure she would actually get the noodles into her mouth. Well, I must have been talking way too fast 'cuz she looked at me, put up her index finger, wags it at me and says "saay it swowly, mommy". I couldn't help but chuckle. Where did that come from. I'd really like to say that it ended well but she purposely pushed her bowl off the counter and Snowy finished the noodles from the floor. No Popsicle today.

Then it was time for a nap. I got her in bed and came downstairs. I thought I hear some noises and went up to check. She was on the bed but her dolly, who had been in the crib, was now on the bed. I had to remind her that if she didn't stay in bed, it was back to the crib for her. The next time I checked , she was fast asleep. She took a really nice, long nap and woke up with her usually yell for mommy. I went up to get her and she seemed really cranky. Not too unusual but when I took her downstairs, she didn't even take her pink or Murphy.
I filled her sippy with juice while she cranked. We went down to drink the sippy and watch children's TV. As we walked down the stairs, I thought, maybe, something had scared her. So I asked and she said the big kitty. I thought she was making it up. So, I played along. As we settled into the lazy boy, she decided she needed the pink and Murphy. Upstairs we went. All the while, I'm holding her cuz she doesn't want to walk. When we got to her room, she wanted the light on and I asked her where the big kitty was. She pointed toward the closet and I looked at the floor. Not seeing him, I asked again, where she had seen him. I still thought she was making it up. I took a step closer to the closet and then I could see Fat Herman laying under one of the shelves. Hey, what is he doing in Mya's room. We usually keep him locked in the laundry room but sometimes he's out and it's not the first time he has chosen Mya's room as a place to plunk his 20 lb body but I was surprised to see him. I laughed and then Mya laughed and she wasn't scared anymore. Silly cat!! Down to the lazy boy we go, chuckling. We settle in and Mya starts drinking when out comes a rattatat toot that must have lasted all of 3 seconds. Again we laugh. I'm not sure which was bothering her more--the big kitty or the gastrointestinal distress. Hugs and kisses and giggles.

We've now finished the sippy and Mya is watching "Little Bear" and playing with her Thomas set. Life is good for now.

4 viewers thoughts.:

Colleen said...

Sure is nice to get the crankiness out of the little one so quickly. Just needed to find out what was the problem (big kitty). Funny how when Mommy starts laughing at the "scary" thing, all problems just melt away. Great to have moments like that!

Beckyb said...

Yes - our last cat used to make Chloe cringe as well - she didn't like him in her room at all. NOW Posh is a different story she LOVES her and would love it if she'd stay in her bed - but who'd blame the cat - I wouldn't want to sleep with never-lay-still lady either!!!! I got a good chuckle out of your day ~ just funny in a I'm-a-mom-I've-been-there sort of way!!

Steffie B. said...

Oh....we have plenty of those days here as well! :)

Emmie said...

Sounds like little Mya keeps you busy and gives you many laughs! :)