Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day to Day life

+++++The cupboards are bare, Erin brought home her own lunch supplies and Keith has offered to go to Cub. All are bad signs. After realizing that I could no longer put off the inevitable, I packed up Mya and off we went, diaper bag and purse in tow. I just hate shopping with a 2 yr old. Fortunately, the Cub has those carts that are really long and have a special spot for Mya. They have little steering wheels. Keeps her busy for over half the store. Well, that and saying "Hi" to everyone, reminding me that we need popsicles, and any other goodies that she sees.

+++++After opening a box of Teddy Grahams and some raisins, we have finally made it to the check out with our now overflowing cart. By this time, Mya has had enough of the cart. I told her she could sit on the TCF bench as long as I could see her. First thing, off to the candy by the check out. Don't you just want to kill the guy that decided this was a good place for candy??? Obviously, not a parent of small children OR maybe he is and knows that many of us will give in to the persistant nagging of our little ones. Today, though, I was strong--no you may not have M&Ms.
+++++Paying a day's wages plus some, we start the packing process. Mya is still busy running around, helping bag those popsicles and whatever she can think of to do. As I'm getting loaded up, a nice lady comes up to me and asks if we adopted Mya and if so, from China?? You know the answer. Turns out one of her kids is adopting from China. We talked about the process, age upon arrival, the availability of siblings (none), and twins. She commented on Mya's cuteness (people always say that and Erin says not to let it fool you.) She finished up by saying how excited she is for the baby and I congratulated her on her impending grandchild. What a nice way to end the shopping trip.

6 viewers thoughts.:

Emmie said...

lol! What a great shopping trip you had! Sounds like Mya is a little pill just like Sophia. We all sure do have SpIcY girls!! Glad to her your trip ended well though. :)

nikki said...

Hey Verna, I also am not entirely fond of shopping with my sweet toddler. Some days it is a blast, while other days it just ain't worth it!
But, you sure did have a happy ending to the trip: it is always nice to run into someone who is going thru the adoption process. I remember staring at the Chinese babies I would see while we were going thru it and just be DYING to know the story there!

Steffie B. said...

It is a special bond that those who have adopted or going to can only understand. I love telling people about our journey to Sophia. And no.....I don't take kids to the grocery store unless I absolutely have to! lol

The Shocks said...

I usually take 2 kids with me to the store. :)

Beckyb said...

Yuck - groceries - hey one good thing about not cooking - I rarely even have to get the groceries either - Joe would prefer to do that - what a guy!!!

Colleen said...

I remember those days of the grocery cart overflowing and children running the aisles. Duane and Steph will be doing that in about 1 1/2 years or so. I don't really miss that. But because I'm grandma does that mean I get that pleasure of chasing the grandkids through the store again? Hopefully I won't have to worry about the overflowing cart anymore.
Ahhhh, the joys of parenting (and maybe grandparenting).