Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Well, the big day has arrived. Here's a picture of my dad holding Carrie, when she was born. That's big brother, Joe, looking at his new sister. Time sure flies.

Erin's bachelorette party went well. She wrote a funny story about how Jon and Carrie met. SHe's a very humorous person and did a great job.

All the girls are really terrific. I can see why they are the bridesmaids. I have had fun just watching them.

Saturday's practice went well. Pastor Bill (Jon's Pastor) is very organized and decisive. Now everyone knows their places. Mya was pretty funny. SHe just loves being the flower girl. Her bossiness kicked in and she was pretty much dragging the ringbearer up the aisle by the end. It was pretty cute to watch.

Yesterday was good too. We all went to church and our new Associate Pastor, Mark Kennicott spoke. Pastor Gary was home with the flu. :( I am so thankful we are there. Bro Kennicott said so many wonderful things but I will never forget 2 of them. First, he said the past is like a rearview mirror in a car. You can always see it and it's good to look back once in a while but you can't focus on it or it will cause a lot of trouble. Also, he said that your husband is not responsible for your happiness. (Irony ;)) Happiness and any other emotion or attitude is a choice. If you have a bad attitude, just trade it in for a new one. I hope Carrie remembers that because it is a tremendous burden to your spouse to keep you happy.

Last night, Jon's family hosted as many as could make it to their house. We had pizza, chatted and the bridesmaids and groomsmen played cards and scrabble.

The weather has been just crazy. We had rain on Saturday and it turned to snow yesterday afternoon. Fortunately it is quiet today and shouldn't affect those traveling, too much.

This morning Shelli, a bridesmaid, has been throwing up. Please pray for her and the rest of the wedding party. Jon's family had the flu on Friday. I sure hope it's just some thing she ate and that none of the others get whatever it is.

Mya is busy cutting - cliptomaniac - this morning. She is actually cutting around pictures now. I am amazed. SHe is very good with those scissors, as long as she sticks to paper.

I'm having coffee with Coffeemate Eggnog creamer. Yummy. I'm pretty tired but there's only one day to go. We open gifts at our house tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great day and a great 2007. Blessings to one and all.

4 viewers thoughts.:

Beckyb said...

I've been thinking about you all morning - it will soon all be a memory - enjoy it!! I am so glad all seems to be going well over there except for the illness stuff - ugh - we will pray that stays with only one and NO MORE!!! By the way - I LOVE the eggnog creamer - great way to start the day!! I am waiting anxiously for pics!! Hang in there!

nikki said...

So excited for you over here. It all sounds so fun!!!
Praying that the bridesmaid feels better and that all continues to run smoothly.
We are anxiously awaiting pics and more details.
love you!

Steffie B. said...

How fun for all of you....minus the flu of course! Praying all goes well and I can't wait to see pictures!

Emmie said...

Glad it sounds that everything is going good! I hope the bridesmade feels better and everybody else stays well! Happy new year! Like everyone else, can't wait to see pics! Best Wishes!