Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hey, I Caught the Bouquet

At the end of all the wedding festivities, Carrie called all the single girls together to toss the boquet. Our dear friend Katie (my roving photographer), picked up Mya and headed out to give it a shot. One, two, three, TOSS!!!!! . . . . the boquet landed right between Mya and Katie--she was still holding Mya. Well, you know how eager those unmarried girls can be to get that boquet. One of them grabbed it out from between Katie and Mya and laid claim on it. Katie is so nice that she didn't argue but later in the evening the girl gave it to it's rightful owner. Thank you Erin for being mature about it!!

3 viewers thoughts.:

Emmie said...

Love how you create the shape of the picture! You definitly won the award for being the first to figure that out!

Colleen said...

They make u so proud. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness can't believe you put this pic up. Haha that's too funny! :o)