Sunday, January 21, 2007

Of Cold and Snow

It's snowing today. Yep, it sure is pretty to look at. I'm sitting at the computer which is conveniently located in the family room, next to a patio door (brr) and the gas fireplace is running behind me. Our new Pastor and his family, the Kennicotts (see blog in sidebar--Hi Kennicotts), moved here from Florida just after Christmas. They are so excited about the snow.

As a seasoned Minnesotan and one with poor circulation to boot, I don't enjoy the snow like I once did. Back in the day, on the farm (Hi Mom) we would slide down the hill all day. One year we had snow on Easter Sunday. I couldn't resist. I just had to slide down the hill. Don't know how it happened but I gashed my nose and went to church looking really sweet. Does anyone (Colleen--help me here) remember snow drifts high enough to dig forts into them and be able to stand?? OR, having a brother who thought it was cool to pull the toboggan fast enough behind our littlest tractor, make extremely tight corners and send the riders flying? What about snow days where we couldn't see the barn across the yard? It was always mom's hope that the school bus would make it through the snow on the road near our house because she really didn't what to host all those kids.

Keith reminds me that in central Minnesota, those things still happen. Here in the near metro area, snow plows come out frequently, the winds are calmer and stopped by endless rows of houses and the kids rarely get a day off for heavy snow. So, as I look out the window from my now 80 degree family room, I enjoy the falling snow from a picturesque standpoint. I might even enjoy putting on 400 layers of clothing and a pair of 5 pound boots, covering my face until only my eyes show so that we could take out the snowmobiles. On second thought, I'm going to make a cup of hot cocoa, wrap my cold hands around the mug and stay put.

5 viewers thoughts.:

Steffie B. said...

I'd go for the hot cocca too! ;)

Colleen said...

Verna, I responded to this in my blog. Now you'll have to check it out there.

nikki said...

Mmmmm...sounds good.
I love the snow too, when I am watching it from the warm indoors with a hot cup of cocoa.

Emmie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun you had on the farm! I wish there was a hill or something around here to make the snow fall more interesting! I'm with ya on the yummy hot coco! MmMmMm!!! ;)

The Shocks said...

I don't mind the snow either if I'm in the warm protection of the house. The cold makes me ache all over.