Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pretend Play

Today is the first time I have seen Mya actually pretend to do something. She pretended she gave me a present and that we had to open it. Some were big heavy packages. Usually she said it was candy and we pretended to eat it. I was kind of surprised to see such precise pretend but Mya is into the details of stuff.

4 viewers thoughts.:

nikki said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!
Welcome to another stage -- very exciting. This age is so cool. New surprises around every corner.
Lily has done very little in the "pretend" area. But what she HAS done has been so cute and amusing to watch.

Beckyb said...

Chloe pretend "cooks" for me a lot - NOT FUNNY - that poor girl has to learn to cook with this inept mother!! I do love it though -it is fun!!

Steffie B. said...

Sophia does the pretend cooking as well and she also feeds her baby. She puts cookies in the oven, hits the button for sound, gets them out and serves them to me on a plate. Then, I get milk in a cup as well. Pouring sounds and all! It's great!

Emmie said...

Our little girls (Omg! I sound like I am a mom, don't I) always surprise us by what they know, do, and say! :) They are just so cute, and have their own little creative way of doing things. It's so fun to watch them play and pretend!! :)