Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So many Blinkies

So little space!!

When I was little, my mom called me pussy cat. I'm not sure where the nickname came from--green eyes or liking to take naps or both. I have always loved cats, well, in theory. Our fat Herman has put that to the test. He is just one lazy lump of fur. BUT Peaches is a wonderful cat that just loves a person and wants to be with them, sleep with them, rub your leg, you know.

So, in honor of my nickname and pesonality traits and ability to get into and cause trouble,
I have chosen a few matching blinkies.

4 viewers thoughts.:

Beckyb said...

Verna - those are great!! Now - you need to go add a link to Mr. Linky so we can see who all did blinkies today!! I may steal some of yours - those are good!!

Steffie B. said...

You are the blinkie queen.....hail to blinkie Verna! lol Or maybe we need to bow down and meow! ;)

Emmie said...

Pussy cat huh? Now you have a new nickname! hehe! Love all the blinkies, especially the last one.

Emmie said...

Love them both- so bright and creative!