Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So much to do

Mya has had a fever for 3 days now. There was strep throat at the daycare last week. So, we are off to see the pediatrician this afternoon.

While we are there, I will drop off some files of the COP babies we are considering. We have to have a plan of treatment for our request letter. There are 15 babies on the list and we have pretty much got it down to 3 babies that we would seriously consider but they are all so cute that it is hard to rule any of them out. One must not look at the faces too much cuz you'll apply for them all, regardless of medical need.

Anyway, after Mya is seen, Keith will pick her up and go home while I go to work. Doesn't that sound fun?? Actually good thing I can go to work and stop looking at the babies for a while.

Here's hoping Mya doesn't have strep but if she does, I don't work tomorrow. She will be able to be on the meds for a full 24 hrs before she goes back to daycare.
PS Hunan/Pingjiang Families--Tomorrow is the second anniversary of us getting "the call". How 'bout you???

5 viewers thoughts.:

Steffie B. said...

Yes.....I remember I was shaking when the phone rang and I saw the caller I.D. say it was Bethany. I was a wreck!

nikki said...

Oh yes, I remember that phone call from 2 yrs ago tomorrow! I also was a complete wreck!

I hope Mya is on the mend soon, poor thing.

Keep us posted on the COP babies...

Emmie said...

Aww! Hope Mya is feeling better soon!


i will never forget the day we got the call. i used 1000 cell minutes! it seems so long ago. i saw the cop list today for the girls and before i knew it i had been on the computer for an hour just looking at their faces and reading their stories.

Beckyb said...

SO - was it strep???? I have two already back in bed today with fevers and coughs, sore throats - I worry about Influenza A - but we all had the flu shot - I thought that was for that - now that'll show how smart I am over here!!!