Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Target Store Maniac

I was so glad things went well with the big bed. I needed one more thing to make the transition complete. So, Mya and I headed to Minnesota-based Target (plug, plug) to get a mattress protector and a new supply of diapers (my next project is potty training). We are wandering around the store, trying to find the protector. As usual, Mya refuses to ride in the cart. I don't like to argue about it because it's not worth a scene to me. What a pill I had on my hands today. She was in high gear. I looked at lamps and she had to try every lampshade on each of the stands. After I finally found the mattress protector, I headed to the little kids clothing. Great sales. I was figuring out what to get -- can't turn down a $2 sweatshirt. By this time, Mya is running through all the clothes and shelves and taking boy shorts off the racks and whatever she could get her hands on, wreaking general havock. I finally made a decision and moved on to the ladies undergarments, only to have bras strewn all over, which I found out when an employee told Mya she had to put them all back!!! I'm too old to get embarassed about it but while I was trying to hang them back up, more were coming down. The lady said she would take care of it and I headed to the check out but not not before being tempted by some T-shirts for myself. Fortunately, I vetoed that idea quickly. We finally made it through the check out but Mya refused to put her coat on. It's over 20 degrees today but there's a nippy wind. I figured she would cool down quickly and ask for her coat--NO--all the way out to the car before she says she's cold. Got her coat on and she tears off, full tilt across the parking lot. That's it -- no more fear of a scene. I run after her, grab her and all five members of the swat team meet on her little behind. This is life and death now. The swat team is needed sometimes, especially for little maniacs whose lives are in danger.

She is fast asleep in her big girl bed, now. Hard to believe this little "picture of innocence" could have been so out of control just hours ago, isn't it?!

6 viewers thoughts.:

Emmie said...

LOL! Sophia is a little pill too. That's actually one of her nicknames! :) Doesn't it always seem that you can't get out of Wal-Mart or Target without having to buy something you weren't looking for?!

nikki said...

Hard to believe? Nope.
Shopping sure ain't what it used to be!
P.S. I love Target too. You will have to go back for a t-shirt or 2 for yourself.

Steffie B. said...

I haven't had to deal with those kinds of issues yet with Sophia. Maybe it is because she is the baby of the Pingjiang group. It never fails that what your girls are doing, Sophia is soon doing a few weks later! Good luck girlfriend....this ones gonna turn your hair gray! Thank goodness for highlights! LOL

Anonymous said...

I can believe it, sounds like Mya... :o)

Beckyb said...

Whew - I agree, shopping will never be the same - but maybe someday they'll LOVE shopping - I could handle that!!!

gwen oatsvall said...


don't you just love how cute people think our little princesses are even when they are out of control ... i have so been there in target ...scott has yet to use the swat team on emily, but i on the other hand use it daily ... carrie looks beautiful !!!!

love, gwen