Friday, January 05, 2007

The Winter That Isn't

Hey, Where's the snow??!!

Yes, Mya, I can see your face but no one else will be able to.

That's better. You found a small patch of snow AND I can see your face.

The weathermen are indeed calling our winter just that, saying it may go down as the winter that wasn't. Hey, I'm not a cold weather fan, so this March-like weather is just right for me. However, for the littlest winter fan in our home, it's kind of a bummer. Today we took the garbage and recycling down our driveway and yes, we did use the lawn tractor. It's got the blower and weights attached just waiting for a real chance to be used but no. Instead, we ran through slush and mud puddles. Mya was fully dressed in her neon green snow suit and mittens but when she laid down in the neighbors yard to make snow angels, it didn't even show up. The snow is just wet and packed down. Here's couple shots of her out in the yard.

5 viewers thoughts.:

Emmie said...

Aww! I'm sure we'll get some snow soon for Ms. Mya. We don't have any snow here either and I'm dying to play around outside with Sophia!

Beckyb said...

Bumming because of this winter - that's for sure!! It will be spring soon and we never even had winter!! Hey - love your sidebar you smarty, you!!

nikki said...

That is so funny. I don't care for winter, but I know Lily would enjoy it a little bit more if there was some snow on the ground.
Mya was determined to find some, wasn't she???? Love it!

Beckyb said...

Hey - who's into the blinkies now?!?!? I LOVE IT!!! :)

Colette said...

good stuff man!