Saturday, March 31, 2007

Good Day for Sleeping

Any day is a good day for a nap in my book but rainy, dreary days are the best. I have been staying up late after work doing, of course, blog templates. So, going to bed at 1 AM and getting up by 7 has taken it's toll. Mya is also taking a long nap today. Her nap gets cut short when she goes to daycare and last night she and Keith went grocery shopping late.

So glad the warm weather is on the way. We will be able to get out and stretch our legs a bit more now.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

2 viewers thoughts.:

Steffie B. said...

Well, I can't really take a nap but I did get a massage. Get some Z's girlfriend! ;)


sunday is my favorite day to rest .. perhaps because i know the Father did ... hee,hee ...