Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thomas the Tank Engine

So, I bet all of you thought I brought home one of those foofoo girls. Well, not really.


Yeah, she likes her dresses but when I pointed out the Thomas PJs at Target today, we just had to get them.


And, of course, she wore them to bed tonight.

6 viewers thoughts.:


so cute ... we love thomas here also ... gotta love Target ... we where there today also and no tantrums !!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Verna! I finally figured out how to use slow with "puter" stuff.

Anyway, your girlie is adorable in her train jammies. Of course I think she's always adorable!! There is just something about Mya that is endearing to me! :)

Holly M. :)

Steffie B. said...

Hey....she is a spicy girl after all....nothing should surprise us with these little girls anymore! I say "Go your pj' your pj's"! ;)

nikki said...

You can tell she knows how cute she looks in her new jammies!

(Lily also loves Thomas the train.)

Tracy said...

Very cute! Hannah loves Thomas the train. She's also a big "Lightning Mcqueen" fan!

Colette said...

Alex has to go to Target soon. He received a gift card from his day care provider 2 wks ago for his birthday. He gets upset cuz he can't spend that card in WalMart. We can't be going there, ya know.
If you want a good Thomas the Train movie, I have one you can borrow. It stars Peter Fonda. Or you can go to that 'other store' WalMart and pick one up. I did see it being sold there.