Friday, March 16, 2007

Through the archives

Remember the walk to the pearl market?? I certainly do. I was videotaping so that our son could have an accurate picture of what we did. Well, in China, buses do not stop for pedestrians and neither do cars!! I nearly got run over!! We all had a good time and survived. Jay took Carrie to a Buddist Temple--sorry, Carrie has those pictures. My big girls were more interested in the jade booth than the pearls. We were sweating so bad that I drank lots of water. I remember seeing a little boy dressed in what I thought was the equivalent of a snowsuit. Truely an experience to remember.

3 viewers thoughts.:

Emmie said...

What great pictures. I love when you guys post pictures from China. Brings back so many memories!
Looking back now I wish we would have gone on that trip! We decided to stay back at the hotel and just did some shopping and went to the park. That was also fun though! Can't wait to go next time!:)


okay i need the picture of emily kissing chloe, can you send it to me. i wear my black pearl earrings all the time. it was a fun trip minus the crazy drivers and extreme heat. i love the flashbacks. wishing we could travel together again.

nikki said...

Loved the pearl market -- great pics, and great memories.
I have a picture of Chloe and Lily sleeping in their strollers next to one another on that trip...I think they slept thru most of it!