Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What are Sisters for??

As the blog fairy, I needed a "guinea pig". I was hoping the "Simplest Template" was actually simple. Wouldn't it be bad if I offered something simple and people couldn't even figure it out??

So, when Colleen was on the MSN last night, I asked her if she was willing to do a trial run. She agreed. Now, mind you, Colleen is pretty computer sauvy. I sent her the template and the directions and she not only figured it out but did the needed adjustments right to her existing codes. She's just too clever. By doing this, she didn't even need to reinsert her sidebar items.

Check out her blog at Russ Danielson Family.

4 viewers thoughts.:

Colleen said...

Thanks for building me up Verna!

Steffie B. said...

Hey...I know that background! lol

nikki said...

Like it.
The colors are very spring/easter eggy.


you amaze me ... love the blog!!!