Sunday, April 22, 2007

Waking up to Music

Keith sets the alarm to music so that it is less harsh than a blaring beep but I don't usually get to hear the alarm. Mya is yelling mommy from her room and I jump out of bed to take her down stairs for juice and public TV (Sesame Street today). Today was no exception. The sun is shining and Snowy asks for out to do her usual business. When I opened the patio door, I got an orchestra of birds. I picked up Mya and stepped out to see them. Up in the top of one of the trees was a robin, singing his little heart out. From a distance, I could hear the familiar sound of pheasant wings followed by his call. Sometimes cardinals can be heard. I can't even identify all the bird songs but they are beautiful. Later in the day, it will switch to the frog orchestra and we will be nearly deafened by the songs of the frogs in the swamp.

5 viewers thoughts.:

Steffie B. said...

Birds I totally love.....frogs I can do without! lol

Carrie said...

I too love the sounds of singing birds. It just stops me in my tracks and really can jump start a day for me! To have the windows and patio doors open now is such a good feeling.

The Blog Fairy said...

This is one great blog. Keep up the good work ;)

nikki said...

It all sounds lovely to me!

But, what is up with you commenting on your own blog?
Are you needing some extra reassurance today!?
Silly girl.

The Shocks said...

I love to hear the singing of birds. We have a fern hanging on our front porch. It dead in the latest cold front that came through. Greg got it down to throw it away and there were 4 baby birds in there. They are so cute.