Friday, May 04, 2007

Israel Update

Erin is getting pretty close to her goal. Thank you to everyone who has donated and purchased blog templates. She is going in mid-June. Please keep her and her travel mates in your prayers.

Some have asked about her traveling to such a distressed area. Quite honestly, I didn't think she would go. The money portion seemed insurmountable but Erin is a VERY determined sort and has been saving her earnings from Starbucks as well as fundraising. The teacher who is heading up the trip is really a great guy and has done this trip many times. See Israel link above. I'm trusting that God will take care of Erin and the group and use it to help grow this group to reach the world.

Thanks again for your support.

2 viewers thoughts.:

Carrie said...

Ferret never goes to places of war and stuff. they go out to crazy point that not many other people go to. he's great!
erin better take some rad pictures

The Shocks said...

Verna - I stand with you that God will take care of Erin. Pray Psalm 91 over her while she is there. He guards her coming and her going.

I pray she has a wonderful trip and that she will come back on fire to change the world.