Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lily Wear Deese (these)

So, you all know my mind has been on the next COP list and the long wait for Lily Grass (Lily Grace-grass is Mya's pronunciation). I haven't been saying much to Mya but obviously she is waiting too. Yesterday, she was asking questions and today, she is taking the clothes off of a doll and saying it is for Lily. Too cute. I had to explain that the clothes would be too small for Lily.

We received our packet from Bethany yesterday so that we can update our homestudy and we will most likely need to be refingerprinted.

It has been rainy here for the last 24 hours. We really need it. So, can't complain too much.

I'd love to do a lurkers post but not feeling like I have many viewers. We're not as colorful as Becky or Stef and certainly not Mr Brian, especialy after his dancing pictures. Tee Hee. However, if you do view, please know that I would love a comment.

Well, Mya would like some stickers and since I need to get out, the messy house can wait. We'll pick up some stickers, some groceries and maybe even an outfit and toy for Lily Grass.

Have a terrific day!!

6 viewers thoughts.:

nikki said...

Lily Grass! I love it...too cute.

And, you have been quite the "lurker" yourself as of late. I was so happy to get a comment from you today -- I have missed you, my friend!

shelley said...

I'm here. I am going to do better at commenting and not just lurking. Your blog is just as beautiful as anyone elses'...


Beckyb said...

Love the new template - you smarty you!!! I'm not a lurker - I can't stand not to put my 2 cents worth in!!! :) AND I'm with you - we need a new COP list soon!! A Helping Hand agency got TONS of kids - what's up with that?!?!?!

Carrie said...

Verna, I love your new blog look. It's very refreshing and hope it lifts your spirit too! The shopping day sounded fun. Praying that the COP comes out soon for you all and Lilly Grace is made known to you.


i may be addicted to commenting ... i don't think i could ever just lurk ... i think i may pick up an outfit for all our new little ones to put in the baskets at the reunion... Lily, Maggie, Lil Bilby, and Lil Beckering... Oh how I want them Home!

Steffie B. said... this blog...I can't believe you already got another packet from need to update already? As far as a've been one yourself lately Miss Blog Fairy...emailing back and forth doens't count you know! lol