Thursday, May 24, 2007

Second post for Today

Well, Mya and I did a little retail therapy. Mya go a "Cinderella" tea set, a new bike helmet, a dinosaur puzzle for 3 and older and various other tiny toys. She is playing tea set now. So, it was worth the trip.

I got some rice pudding (yum), cereal (also yum), pseudofed PE (for allergies) and other "mom" stuff.
My other form of therapy is a blog lift. Although I love kitties, the black was too dark. So some yellow and butterflies and that's better.

3 viewers thoughts.:

Anonymous said...

cinderella tea set? what?!?! i'm coming over! hehe, sounds like a good time! i'm digging the butterflies too, cute! miss you guys terribly!


i like the new look for you ... you do well in pastels ... and i love my flip flops and sun glasses!!! i did retail therapy at target yesterday ... flip flops for me and teacher gifts for end of year!!! NO KIDS .. hee hee

Steffie B. said...

Ok....listen to all that new stuff...we are coming over to play! ;)