Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy "blog" Birthday to Me

Can't believe I have been doing this for a full year!

Amazing and addicting.
Mya has grown but still has the sippy.
Keith took the pic of Mya when she fell asleep on the ottaman last week. She didn't take a nap that day and that's what happens. She slept all night from there--not on the ottaman, Keith put her to bed. I was at work and missed it. Good thing he caught it on a picture or I may not have believed it.

6 viewers thoughts.:

Beckyb said...

Happy Birthday Blog to you!!! I'm glad you are a blogger!!!!

shelley said...

Hope it is a happy one.


nikki said...

Oh wise blog pioneer! Thank you for introducing all of us to bloggy land -- I love it!

Happy birthday to your very wonderful blog.

Love the pic of Mya sleeping on the ottoman...no time for naps for these girls -- they will keep going until they pass out!

Steffie B. said...

Wow...a year.....yes now you have us all addicted and you even became the famous Blog Fairy! What a wonderful world! lol

Carrie said...

I wonder if Mya can teach Olivia to do that. Especially going back to sleep after being moved! Too funny!! I gotta wear her out more!

Anonymous said...

haha, that is awesome!!! great picture!