Thursday, June 28, 2007

A New Friend

When we were up north to Split Rock Lighthouse, we met a wonderful family from Des Moines. What a treat! The girls latched on to each other like they had always been friends. Someone asked if they were twins. It was just the coolest thing. So, here is a picture of Mya and her new friend Lauren.

We talked for the longest time and, because of the common experience, it also felt like I could talk so freely with them. Funny what a trip to China will do for/to your life.
ADDING THIS ON: Go to Colleen's blog (sidebar Danielson) to see more pix from up north. We had a lot of fun. There's one photo of Alex holding Mya's hand while walking on the breakwater. Double click on it to see it better. It's really special. Also, another shot of Mya and Lauren holding hands and taking off to play after the photo above was taken. It's great!

4 viewers thoughts.:

nikki said...

That is so much fun! Those girls do look like two little peas in a pod -- and love those grins!

Can you just imagine what the TEN of them are gonna be like next weekend!? I can hardly wait!

Beckyb said...

That is so special!!! And from Des Moines, eh?? That's in our neck of the woods!!! (Well, kind of!!)

Steffie B. said...

Just precious.....they look adorable!

Anonymous said...