Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How did you spend your weekend??

.Hey, Everyone.


.weekend. .looked.

Not too exciting by some folks standards but what I do is a vital part of every diagnois.
I AM a Clinical Laboratory Scientist!!!

9 viewers thoughts.:

Steffie B. said...

You are so funny........your title sounds VERY IMPORTANT! ;)

If you send me a cup I'll you something back in it! lol

Beckyb said...

I have TWO friends that are in the same line of work - SCARY!!! But I agree - you are important (and not paid enough to work with PEE!!!)!!


i love it when you get all technical on us ... i already knew you were important, but this seals the deal!

holly m. said...

Looks like interesting work to me, but then I like medical stuff!

When your blog first came up, all I saw was a peek of wee wee and I thought there was going to be an announcement!! My heart raced for a second!:) Man, was I very wrong!

Steffie B. said...

Oh now wouldn't THAT be funny!

Verna said...

More like miraculous since I had a hyst in Jan of 2005!!!

amy said...

I think you have a cool job!!!

Lauren said...

LOL!!!! Sounds eventful!

Mr.Brian said...

Hey how neat is this.I work with people who can't pee and you look at it.
I take blood from patients and you look at it.
Guess we have a common bond.No wonder you are so cool.Just like me.
Hope your week is going better.My week has been crazy.13 1/2 hour days so far.Good thing it is only 3 days a week or I could be getting cranky.