Thursday, August 30, 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007

Exciting Time At Church

I wish I could say it was a great move of God that caused all the excitement but not this time. Nope, it was . . . Mya who pulled the fire alarm. Yes, our little darling is apparently tall enough to reach a fire alarm and successfully pull it and of course, the fire trucks are required to come. I'm not sure if that is positive or negative reinforcement for a small child since most of them love firetrucks. Since she was there attending a Board Meeting (well, playing in the nursery while daddy attended) maybe the Board will have to discuss having a little box put over the top of the alarm. ;)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Waiting Gracefully

A friend is starting a new blog titled "Grace for the Wait". What a great idea! I'll pass on the address when she gets it up and running.

This morning while helping lead worship, my partner asked me to speak if anything was on my mind. Many times the Lord speaks to me during practice and this was one of those times. I asked everyone if they had ever waited for anything? Of course, everyone has waited for something. It could be a driver's license, a certain activity, being done with high school or college or as in my case, the arrival of a child.

Waiting is a PAIN! I hate it. In our "McDonald's" society, we want it now and as Burger King says it, Our Way. But, God has given us this wait, for a reason, even if we don't know the reason. What we do with the wait is our choice. We can spend every minute pining over the thing we are waiting for, totally focusing on it OR, we can use the time to prepare for the awaited outcome.

When we were waiting for Carrie to have brain surgery, back in 2005, we spent much time praying and coming to grips with the fact that the outcome could be bad. I remember saying the words, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh, blessed be the name of the Lord. That was something I had to do in order to be prepared. It didn't make the actual surgery go better in our waiting room experience but we had come to terms with the worst possible outcome. Thankfully, our Carrie was spared from almost any ill effects. Praise be to God!!

When we waited for Mya's arrival, I spent my time working extra hours, both using up my time and earning money for her adoption. The best choice?? I'm not sure. After Mya came home, I found myself ill prepared for her arrival. I was not ready for the jet lag, emotional stress of a new little one and didn't know how to handle attachment issues. I could have used my time better.

Now I find myself waiting again for a child. Each day I get older and grow more gray hairs. At the same time, Mya is maturing, Erin, is hopefully recognizing how she wants another sibling, people at church are learning about adoption and people at work are also learning about adoption. Some are praying for us, others have given kind words and some are oblivious. What am I doing? I'm not sure I'm fairing very well. Some days I can't stand another minute without word of his/her arrival. Other days, I just love on Mya knowing our time together, mostly alone, is limited. We talk about what it will be like to have a sister (Erin is hoping for a brother). We read books about other children getting sisters from China. And just now I did what I often do, I laughed when Mya told me her tummy hurt because she ate too much at the Chinese Restroom.

I am learning to use wait times wisely. If I focus too much on the hoped for event, I not only lose today, frivolously hoping for the time to pass quickly but I also do not prepare for the event. So, when the big event finally comes, I am not as ready as I need to be.

How many times have we wished it was Friday so that we could have a fun or restful weekend? How many times have we thought "life will get better when . . . " only to have the ending of the sentence change to a new one once the first goal is met? Friends, cherish this moment for it is the only one you are guaranteed.

Blessings to each and everyone who reads this.

Friday, August 24, 2007


. .


I Can't believe that Erin doesn't want this dress anymore!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Busy hearts Sometimes hurt

Life if just TOO busy. Erin works PT for Starbucks. Keith works days at his job. I work evenings at a local hospital. Mya, well, she just floats along with it all. Bottom line, paths cross so infrequently that the lines of communication get fragmented and need to be repaired at times.

Erin is on a restricted activity schedule at this time due to some curfew violations. She is usually so good about being home on time but this summer has been extremely fragmented as mentioned above. We are still allowing her to do many things but not some that she had planned to do. That's the life of a parent--gotta be the bad guys sometimes.
I've looked at day shift hours but the only thing available is full time. I just can't put Mya in day care that much but I would like to have "normal" hours. It only gets tougher during school days cuz Erin HAS to be gone all day and I HAVE to be gone certain evenings. My eyes are always open to my work options and I weigh them each time something new comes my way. So far, nothing viable has opened up. Praying that God will open something up before our new little one comes home.
My Dad is in the hospital this week with pneumonia--it was in his blood stream too which is why he was admitted and received IV antibiotics to get it under control. Please keep him in your prayers. Also, pray for mom as she is his primary care giver and it can be very stressful.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunday, August 19, 2007

4 Wheeling

Jenny and Mya had lots of fun and then, I got into the act. WATCH OUT!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fair & Quilt

We're home after 2 days with my parents. On Thursday we went to the Renville County fair. When I was young, the fair was THE event of the summer. Well, county fairs are not what they used to be but we did have fun looking at the exhibits. My nephew, Matt, won a trip to the MN State Fair--WAY TO GO!! He did a project on Global Connections or something like that. It was about his trip to Costa Rica. We ate at the Pork producers stand. My oldest brother, who lives on the farm where I grew up, raises pigs. They are mighty tasty!! Jenny (neice), Mya and I went for a ride on the Ferris wheel. It was so quiet and boring on the ride that we decided we needed to scream. We were laughing our fool heads off and people were pointing. Guess you had to be there to understand. Mya had a FREE pony ride. When was the last time you heard of anything free? I was and still am amazed that it was free. Anyway, that was the big event of Thursday.

Friday was our quilting day. We decided to do a different block than I had originally thought. We are leaving the tan with orange flowers out and just using the blue, red speckled and the fans. I think it will look terrific and I even did some sewing. Mom's got all the right tools and I learned about sizing blocks and all kinds of tricks. We spent almost 8 hours sewing and I was exhausted. Here, GM and Jenn are getting the peices just the right size.

Left for home just before 5 pm. Uff daa!! Mya and Jenn slept most of the way and Mya screamed for about 30 minutes before we reached Jenn's house. She wanted out of the car seat in the worst way. Long car rides stink in that way. The good news, Charlie (my brother) and Donna gave Mya a new car to play with. It's one of those coupes. I'll get some pics and post them.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

27 yrs! Whew!
Colleen and Russ, I hope you have a wonderful anniversary!

A couple of things-with Photos- 2nd post today

* *

My husband, the player ;), took Erin's friend, Jennica, on her VERY first motorcycle ride.
This is our canoe after last night's rain. I believe we emptied it and it was dry as of Sunday. Notice the leaves scattered all over from the rain and wind.

Rainy Monday Evening

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It wasn't quite this nostalgic--it just rained like crazy and the sirens went off and the lights went out at the hospital. We are fine but some have flooded vehicles. I had quite the spectacular lightning show on the way home from work but it was hard on the eyes.
The rain is welcome. I hope it greens up the grass. We have sprinklers in the main lawn cuz a day without water equals brown grass--sandy soil. Along the driveway was looking like dead grass with weeds that poke up and are the only green things. I finally mowed off the weeds on Sun eve. I hope the apples plump up now.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Anna & Jeremy Tie the Knot

Flowergirl brings Mitchell (J&A's son) up the aisle.

Anna and her Dad arrived via horse and buggy.

Dad escorts Anna up the aisle.

Hot, Hot Hot!!!

Sand Ceremony--once the grains are together, they can not be gotten apart.

Mr and Mrs. Newlywed (sorry, no last names for privacy purposes).

Reception Line- Dad(Tom), Mom(Colette), Anna, Jeremy, J's mom-Erin, J's GM, My uncle.

Cutting the cake--Colette made it and it had a fountain in the center. Colette's friend, Lisa messing with something--she was EXTREMELY busy helping with anything and everything.

(Remember that if you double click on the pictures, the will open to the full size and you will see more clearly.)

Friday, August 10, 2007

So Many Birthdays

First, I must take a moment to wish my MIL a Happy BD!!
And because I am posting, I will include Sophia ~ turned 3 (the youngest of the Pingjiang Girls)
AND also, Maggie Oatsvall who turns 2 in China but will be united with her family soon, we hope. God Bless You All!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

For GM Arlene-The Quilter

Mya enjoying her Panda quilt.

Flannel Fans for a soft backing.

Hoping this is a good color combo--the sales gal helped.

Close up of the fan material that will be in the Panda spot on Mya's.

Good Morning Blogger Friends!

I finally made it to JoAnn Fabrics to get fabric for Lily's Chinese themed Quilt.

In the top photos, you see Mya enjoying hers. She won't be putting it on her bed for a few years --she needs to have some idea of how to take proper care of it.

Anyway, hoping to get it going this fall or winter. GM Arlene, Erin and Colette did Mya's. Erin wants to do a quilt for a friend before tackling this one for Lily.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Updates from Home

RMJ asked how I was doing. So, I am sharing what is happening at our household.

My Work: Here is what I do for my main job -- JOB. Mainly, I work to help doctors make diagnostic and treatment decisions--lab tech. I am involved in 2 projects at work. One is called "Getting to Know You" where we highlight several employees each month in an effort for all of us to get to know one another on a personal level. A special "Howdy" to any co-workers that drop by here to "Get to Know" me. The other project is a software upgrade. This week I am helping validate the software. I got in late but the go-live is set for mid-Oct so anyone willing to help is welcomed.

Home: Keith and I got a new bedroom set last spring and it was delivered yesterday. The old one is now in Carrie's room so that we will have a guest bedroom for the first time in years. I'll post pics later in the week. The garage is progressing well and we hope it will be finished later this week when the cement guys pour the floor.

Keith: Just finished as HUGE project at work. They celebrated with ice cream sundaes. Keith helped scoop the ice cream. Otherwise, he has many projects and is also busy keeping Mya out of trouble on the evenings that I work.

Erin: Works for our Olympic Blogging Team sponsor- Starbucks, located in a local Target. (Check out link for Olympic sponsor logo.) She is also busy with her boyfriend, Aaron (yep, you can chuckle). He's a great guy and a hockey player to boot (that's for Becky).

Carrie and Jon: Settled into their CO apartment last week and Carrie landed a job with Lifetouch. Woo Hoo! Jon is still in the interview process. Check out Carrie's blog listed in the sidebar for all the info and the latest posting of those beautiful pictures.

Joe and Rachael: Stopped by last week to borrow the computer to fill in a renter's credit. All is well with them. Our grandbunnies (Balmer and Little Bear) are busy making a fort under the sofa and have even chewed a hole in the new boxspring. Naughty bunnies!! Rachael is considering a job change--pet store manager. They are both employed at a local pizza franchise.

Mya: You get enough of her on here!!

Ginger: Goes to the vet on Friday for x-rays and more vaccinations. More on that later.

Gotta run. Late for work.

Kicked Off

I'm sitting at my computer this morning when Mya comes up and says repeatedly "I wanna do dot com!" Yep, that's short for Noggin dot com. Gotta love a tiny computer geek!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sharing Computers

For those who asked, I used Keith's computer while Mya was messing around. However, I did get a few bellars of "MOM" while she was trying to get it to do what she wanted it to. Her click and drag skills are really improving as are her matching skills. She just needs to learn to spell and upload pix and she'll be a true blogger!!

Computer Competition

Look who has decided that

the computer is much more fun . .

than watching TV!!

Future bloggers of America, UNITE!! We do have to prepare the next Olympic blogging team for 2012!! Let's see if anyone else has future blogger. Share you pics!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

AHHHHH ! ! ! ! Z Z Z Z !!!

Napping in MN!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Overcoming the Wait--Again

This week has been hard for me in some ways. Knowing that some folks are getting their referrals is a happy thing but knowing that it could be over a year until we get ours is a bummer. I try not to dwell on it and enjoy each day to the fullest but somedays I feel like this kid on the steps.
Today Mya conquered Dora's Big City Adventure. She was so proud to be able to match the ducks to their mommies. It took her quite a while to do that part. The balloons, the bridge and finding the item that Swiper stole, were a bit easier. We gave high fives for accomplishing each one. She only did the easy level but it was hard enough for her.
We have gotten some rain this week--Wed night, after the bridge collapse. The rain was welcome but I am sure it hindered the rescues.
Working with some folks on a computer upgrade at the lab. So far it's just listening to webcasts. Hope I can get my hands on some real stuff next week. Just gotta get the clearance. Came in to it late. So, I'm delayed in that way.
Nothing new in the potty training. We only have the BMs to conquer. I'm not using the chart. Just can't get it together.Keith is busy in the evenings. I'm sure that if he watched her like a hawk, he could catch her before the BM happens but as I said, he is busy. She only has one BM a day, sometimes every other day. You can see my problem. I will have to hit it hard when I get a couple days in a row off. Hmmmmm wonder when that will happen???
Have a great weekend!