Sunday, August 12, 2007

Anna & Jeremy Tie the Knot

Flowergirl brings Mitchell (J&A's son) up the aisle.

Anna and her Dad arrived via horse and buggy.

Dad escorts Anna up the aisle.

Hot, Hot Hot!!!

Sand Ceremony--once the grains are together, they can not be gotten apart.

Mr and Mrs. Newlywed (sorry, no last names for privacy purposes).

Reception Line- Dad(Tom), Mom(Colette), Anna, Jeremy, J's mom-Erin, J's GM, My uncle.

Cutting the cake--Colette made it and it had a fountain in the center. Colette's friend, Lisa messing with something--she was EXTREMELY busy helping with anything and everything.

(Remember that if you double click on the pictures, the will open to the full size and you will see more clearly.)

6 viewers thoughts.:

Marnie said...

It looks loverly!!

amy said...

Awesome pics..The sand thing is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

gwen oatsvall said...

i love love love weddings ... just watching a couple start out is such a blessing ... great pictures ...

The Phillips said...

Great pics Verna. I love the sand ceremony...that's really cool. That would have been better for me and John since we had a hard time getting our unity candle to light! Ha, ha! :)

nikki said...

Looks like a beautiful day! We also went to an outdoor wedding this summer and had such a great time (they also did the sand thing and I thought it was neat)...Mya is lookin' cute as ever!

Gracie said...

May they enjoy there lives together! LOve the new do!