Thursday, August 23, 2007

Busy hearts Sometimes hurt

Life if just TOO busy. Erin works PT for Starbucks. Keith works days at his job. I work evenings at a local hospital. Mya, well, she just floats along with it all. Bottom line, paths cross so infrequently that the lines of communication get fragmented and need to be repaired at times.

Erin is on a restricted activity schedule at this time due to some curfew violations. She is usually so good about being home on time but this summer has been extremely fragmented as mentioned above. We are still allowing her to do many things but not some that she had planned to do. That's the life of a parent--gotta be the bad guys sometimes.
I've looked at day shift hours but the only thing available is full time. I just can't put Mya in day care that much but I would like to have "normal" hours. It only gets tougher during school days cuz Erin HAS to be gone all day and I HAVE to be gone certain evenings. My eyes are always open to my work options and I weigh them each time something new comes my way. So far, nothing viable has opened up. Praying that God will open something up before our new little one comes home.
My Dad is in the hospital this week with pneumonia--it was in his blood stream too which is why he was admitted and received IV antibiotics to get it under control. Please keep him in your prayers. Also, pray for mom as she is his primary care giver and it can be very stressful.

5 viewers thoughts.:

amy said...

Praying for all of your family

Beckyb said...

I am praying for you over here too - I hear you - sometimes life just seems out of control - but then, what can you do!?!? I will pray for peace, my friend.

shelley said...

thinking and praying about you. I struggle with the problem of daycare...I just don't want to do it....yet

nikki said...

It's so tough to balance work (outside the home) and family...which is why I can't seem to move on from waiting tables part-time. Dream job? no. Dream schedule? Just about.
Praying God gives you wisdom in that area, sweetie. Things WILL work out.
Keep us posted on your dad, too.

Steffie B. said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...sometimes it takes awhile before the picture becomes clear on the paths we should take.

Keep us posted on your Dad (and Mom)