Monday, August 27, 2007

Exciting Time At Church

I wish I could say it was a great move of God that caused all the excitement but not this time. Nope, it was . . . Mya who pulled the fire alarm. Yes, our little darling is apparently tall enough to reach a fire alarm and successfully pull it and of course, the fire trucks are required to come. I'm not sure if that is positive or negative reinforcement for a small child since most of them love firetrucks. Since she was there attending a Board Meeting (well, playing in the nursery while daddy attended) maybe the Board will have to discuss having a little box put over the top of the alarm. ;)

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that is hilarious ... sounds like something my Elijah would do ... i bet Mya was on overload once the trucks showed up .... lol

Laura Lundberg said...

I love to read your blog.
It's always interesting to see what Mya's been up to and etc.
Now she's learned to bring out the fire trucks?
I love a girl who knows how to make things happen!
Thanks for the smile.

amy said...

another thing to add to my 'it could happen" parenting list.

thanks so funny..I love visiting here

The Phillips said...

That is too funny! I have an "inquisitive" one in the family, I'm surprised we've not had a similar experience. I'm sure it's just a matter of time. :)

nikki said...

My jaw just hit the floor!
Now I'm laughing...what a little stinker!

Beckyb said...

At first I saw the picture and thought - OH NO, not a fire!! Then I just had to laugh - oh Mom, it's hard to be good when you're waiting for a meeting to get done!! Those church meetings are long!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

She did what?!?! Where if the fire alarm? I can't think of where it is. Oh my... little Mya, I DID NOT teach her that!

"Mya told me her tummy hurt because she ate too much at the Chinese Restroom." That is too cute!!!

Miss you guys like crazy!!!

redmaryjanes said...

Oh no, I can say that that is one thing that hasn't happened to me yet. Hope the firemen weren't too upset!

Mr.Brian said...

I remember when my church was meeting in the local high school and one little one did that too. And there was no way of turning it off until the fire dept. came.
LOLOLOLOLI dare bet your little one will not do that again.

redmaryjanes said...

Oooh, like the new look!