Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Updates from Home

RMJ asked how I was doing. So, I am sharing what is happening at our household.

My Work: Here is what I do for my main job -- JOB. Mainly, I work to help doctors make diagnostic and treatment decisions--lab tech. I am involved in 2 projects at work. One is called "Getting to Know You" where we highlight several employees each month in an effort for all of us to get to know one another on a personal level. A special "Howdy" to any co-workers that drop by here to "Get to Know" me. The other project is a software upgrade. This week I am helping validate the software. I got in late but the go-live is set for mid-Oct so anyone willing to help is welcomed.

Home: Keith and I got a new bedroom set last spring and it was delivered yesterday. The old one is now in Carrie's room so that we will have a guest bedroom for the first time in years. I'll post pics later in the week. The garage is progressing well and we hope it will be finished later this week when the cement guys pour the floor.

Keith: Just finished as HUGE project at work. They celebrated with ice cream sundaes. Keith helped scoop the ice cream. Otherwise, he has many projects and is also busy keeping Mya out of trouble on the evenings that I work.

Erin: Works for our Olympic Blogging Team sponsor- Starbucks, located in a local Target. (Check out link for Olympic sponsor logo.) She is also busy with her boyfriend, Aaron (yep, you can chuckle). He's a great guy and a hockey player to boot (that's for Becky).

Carrie and Jon: Settled into their CO apartment last week and Carrie landed a job with Lifetouch. Woo Hoo! Jon is still in the interview process. Check out Carrie's blog listed in the sidebar for all the info and the latest posting of those beautiful pictures.

Joe and Rachael: Stopped by last week to borrow the computer to fill in a renter's credit. All is well with them. Our grandbunnies (Balmer and Little Bear) are busy making a fort under the sofa and have even chewed a hole in the new boxspring. Naughty bunnies!! Rachael is considering a job change--pet store manager. They are both employed at a local pizza franchise.

Mya: You get enough of her on here!!

Ginger: Goes to the vet on Friday for x-rays and more vaccinations. More on that later.

Gotta run. Late for work.

4 viewers thoughts.:

amy said...

THanks for updating us! Love to visit here. You have a lot going on!

Mr.Brian said...

Thanks for filling us all in.Sounds like all are doing well.

The Phillips said...

Verna, I couldn't help but smile when you said Erin's boyfriends' name is Aaron and is a hockey player...one of my boys is named Aaron and is a hockey player! :)

Thanks for the update... I love reading your posts! I FINALLY updated my blog the other day with more updates coming soon to a computer near you! Ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

Wow busy busy busy! haha Thanks for the update!
*I could never get enough of Mya, I told Erin I was going to kidnap Mya for a day. Erin said "Feel free! Take her for more if you want!" haha.