Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pictures from our Road trip TO Colorado

First we had lunch with Keith's parents.
Then down to my parents -- they have kittens!!
A day well spent, visiting those we care so much about.

I teased a LOT about that little town in Iowa but I must admit that it is really a nice town. If Keith were ever to get a job offer there, I think we would go.

Cornfields, videos and lots of napping were what was done most of the way.
Mya had some fun in the hotel. You've got to expect some goofing off when you spend that much time in the car.

I will post more on what we actually saw in CO later on.

Friday, September 28, 2007

The Blog Fairy meets Mr Brian

It all took place in a small town in Iowa whose claim to fame is the annual Tulip Festival and the locals like to say "If you ain't Dutch, you're not much!" (Not exactly politically correct. I may have to write the chamber of commerce . . . but I digress.) We filled up the Explorer at the local gas station--there are more than one station so don't go that route of thinking. Then we had to have some pics by the giant windmill. We headed down to the Bilby home to meet and greet. When we saw they were not home, we asked the neighbor if we had the right house. He said it was and that they had just gotten out of church as his parents attend the same church. (I don't think our neighbors have a clue what we do . . . I digress again.) A few minutes later, up drive the Bilby bunch in their minivan and out pop all 6 of them with big smiles on their faces.

What a treat!! When we stopped by the Bilby home on Sunday, Mr Brian came over for lunch. If you know a single gal, just send her to Iowa to meet this wonderful man--hey, he cooks, that makes him even better!! Mr Brian wanted pictures of us "bloggin' babes" with him. So I whispered in Becky's ear to give him a peck on the cheek for the picture. Of course, he just laughed. Hmmmm . . . he must be tall cuz we're both standing on our tippy toes. So, that makes tall, good lookin' and a great cook. What more could a gal want???

After Mr Brian said his farewells and left for his Sunday afternoon Bible study group (add that to the list of good qualities), we took a walk around the block, noting the house for sale across the street. We also learned that there is a company in town that might hire an engineer with Keith's type of experience. I noted the large medical center and Christian school for future reference. This small town on the plains has a lot to offer. The girls wanted to walk more. So, we got out the strollers and headed to the park. Fun but HOT! On the way back, we saw every emergency vehicle the town owns (an emergency at the long term care facility) and met Sue and LadyL, (Sue, hope your hand is better and LadyL can you give me the scoop on the emergency?) a couple local bloggers who were also aware of my Blog Fairy identity. By then, it was time to say our good-byes so that we could actually get to Colorado.

Thank you to the Bilbys for hosting us on Sunday. We hope to do it again some time.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Remember this . . . 9/19/2006

What if it's a boy? See THIS.

Introducing Noah James

Taking the Call . . Serious stuff!!

We put in our request (via Carrie's computer) on Monday afternoon and got the call today at 2:35 pm. We were in Iowa, headed home from our trip out to see Carrie and Jon. When I hung up, we crossed in to Minnesota. I quickly called Erin, Carrie and Joe to let them know they have a brother. I called a couple of China travel mates--they are on the same journey -- to share the news. I have now told my parents and emailed my family. So, I feel free to post his picture.
The signs were all there. I had a really good feeling about the newest COP list, even with the rule changes. Then when we saw the list, there were 2 boys we considered. We were off to CO on Sat and couldn't get any more info from our Social Worker (SW) until Monday. So, we enjoyed time with family and friends (the Bilbys & Mr Brian--yes I do have a great photo) on the way to CO. At mom and dad's house we saw a true red ladybug (not just those pesky orange asian beatles that stink when you squish them) -somehow ladybugs have come to symbolize Chinese adoption and luck. Also, I asked Becky about the 2 boys and she shared that she would not be concerned about a child with missing fingers at all since they know a family with a couple children with missing fingers and all is well there. When we got to CO on Monday, we stopped at Carrie's apartment and she let us get our emails, which included further info from our SW. We decided to pursue only this little guy. Then we waited--well, we spent all of Tuesday checking our Pike's Peak and lots of beautiful scenery in CO with Carrie. We spent Wed at Estes Park, CO and went to the Alpine visitor's center in the Rocky Mountains--breathtaking (in a couple of ways!!). Then we started our trek toward home. Mya was sleeping. So we went until she awoke, using videos and snacks to keep her content for the rest of the trip.

It started to rain as we got closer to home and to my amazement, there was a DOUBLE rainbow to our right side. What better confrimation could we ask for on the day that we were matched with a son whom we plan to call Noah?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Can it be??


Monday, September 17, 2007

Big Birthdays!

Erin turned 17 on Saturday--here she is with her Aaron. Hmmm . . . future son in law????
Better wait on that. Friday evening Erin and her girl buddies watch Mya so that Keith and I could have a night away. On Sat eve, they had a small bonfire party at our house and on Sunday, they all got in our truck and went to Duluth. Funny how I can barely get a "Happy Birthday" and a card.

Carrie turned 21 on Friday--she was born on our 6th wedding anniversary!
Here are Carrie and Jon at their wedding shower last fall.
Carrie will be home on Friday to get a check up from her neurologist. Then we will get in the car Sat AM and go see both sets of grandparents, spend that night in a hotel. Sunday, we will visit the Bilbys -hey, they are on the way to Colorado, which is where we are going--taking Carrie home. We will arrive in CO on Monday. Planning to see Pike's peak and one other site that Keith has picked out. Hoping to get home by Thurs or Fri. Can't leave Erin unattended for too long--she is spending the weeknights with friends. Thanks to Jennica's family!

Friday, September 14, 2007

27 Years--Time Flies

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Yep, we were just kids when we tied the knot. Through thick and thin, we have stuck together.

Happy anniversary Honey!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hello To Methodist Friends

Today, I attended the annual ASCP conference on the west bank of the UofMN campus. I had to cross the 10th St. bridge which runs parallel to the former 35W bridge that collapsed. It was the first time I had seen it and it is quite a site. Now, it is real to me. Simply amazing.

While at these conferences, I invitably run in to former coworkers. This time it was a gang from Methodist Hospital. After the conference, I gave one of the gals this blog address and so I must say "Hi" to all who take a peek at it.

When I arrived home, the COP list was in my email box and 4 messages are on the phone. I opted out of church tonight with some lame excuse and stayed home to veg about the house. Mostly cuz I was sulking about the new rules which don't allow us to apply for any of the children until families through the review room have applied. It's a bummer but I'll just wait to see which children do not get matched and then we will be allowed to apply.

Hope you all are having a great week.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Full Waiting Room

Waiting is so much better when the waiting room is full of friends. One of these days, I am going to name a date, time and place and tell all my bloggin' buddies to meet me there, just to see how many show up. Somehow, I believe that many of you would do your very best to be there.
The next few days will be busy. Bethany has announced that a new list of Special Needs children will be released soon which means research and doctor's appointments and writing up requests. Along with my usual work schedule, I am attending an ASCP conference on Wed. All of that and template orders, should keep me out of trouble. So, if you don't see me post for a bit. You'll know what I'm up to.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Template Mania

As you probably noticed, I updated my template AGAIN but there is good reason. I need it to be the best that it can be so that when people look, they will say "Hey, that's one cool template. Where can I get one like that?" They will, of course, look in my sidebar to find out that I make my own templates and then, contact me. The best part is that until November 1, all proceeds from Blog Fairy Templates go toward bringing Ethan Shockley home. Please go HERE to see their story. So, if you are in the "market" for a new blog, header or maybe some LID numbers, please contact me HERE. To view some of my work, go HERE.

Together, we will help bring Ethan home.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Today, I was going about my business and thought to myself, "Erin will be getting up soon". Then I realized that she is indeed in school and I won't see her until about 4 pm.

So, Mya and I have been keeping busy with housework. The laundry has piled up and somehow the floors can always use vacuuming.

Monday, September 03, 2007

On Waiting

Yep, I'm not doing so good with the "waiting" today. Will try to cherish the moments this evening brings.

School starts tomorrow. Erin is out having one last get together with all the folks she will spend tomorrow with--tomorrow will be more organized and have homework. That's the major difference if you ask me. ;)

Hope you are having a great holiday weekend!