Friday, September 28, 2007

The Blog Fairy meets Mr Brian

It all took place in a small town in Iowa whose claim to fame is the annual Tulip Festival and the locals like to say "If you ain't Dutch, you're not much!" (Not exactly politically correct. I may have to write the chamber of commerce . . . but I digress.) We filled up the Explorer at the local gas station--there are more than one station so don't go that route of thinking. Then we had to have some pics by the giant windmill. We headed down to the Bilby home to meet and greet. When we saw they were not home, we asked the neighbor if we had the right house. He said it was and that they had just gotten out of church as his parents attend the same church. (I don't think our neighbors have a clue what we do . . . I digress again.) A few minutes later, up drive the Bilby bunch in their minivan and out pop all 6 of them with big smiles on their faces.

What a treat!! When we stopped by the Bilby home on Sunday, Mr Brian came over for lunch. If you know a single gal, just send her to Iowa to meet this wonderful man--hey, he cooks, that makes him even better!! Mr Brian wanted pictures of us "bloggin' babes" with him. So I whispered in Becky's ear to give him a peck on the cheek for the picture. Of course, he just laughed. Hmmmm . . . he must be tall cuz we're both standing on our tippy toes. So, that makes tall, good lookin' and a great cook. What more could a gal want???

After Mr Brian said his farewells and left for his Sunday afternoon Bible study group (add that to the list of good qualities), we took a walk around the block, noting the house for sale across the street. We also learned that there is a company in town that might hire an engineer with Keith's type of experience. I noted the large medical center and Christian school for future reference. This small town on the plains has a lot to offer. The girls wanted to walk more. So, we got out the strollers and headed to the park. Fun but HOT! On the way back, we saw every emergency vehicle the town owns (an emergency at the long term care facility) and met Sue and LadyL, (Sue, hope your hand is better and LadyL can you give me the scoop on the emergency?) a couple local bloggers who were also aware of my Blog Fairy identity. By then, it was time to say our good-byes so that we could actually get to Colorado.

Thank you to the Bilbys for hosting us on Sunday. We hope to do it again some time.

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redmaryjanes said...

Girl! You are having the best time ever! A new son and a chance to meet Bloglands most eligeable bachelor. I love Mr. Brian. I would never pass up an opportunity to meet him!

Steffie B. said...

So glad you had fun....I'm so jealous. Although.... since I am going to be Mr. B's partner next year for the tulip festival....I'm not too worried! ;) AND....."I" am Dutch! lol

Steffie B. said...

Oh yes.....and get working on changing your header. Mr. Noah soooo needs to be up there! ;)

Christy said...

I just saw your referral for Noah on another blog and I had to come over and say CONGRATS!!! What an adorable little boy. He is just precious. I am very happy for your family. Just curious-- I watched your gotcha video and I assume your daughter is from Hunan and that you got her in Changsha since the room was the room we got our daughter in. Just curious.

ANyway, congrats and I cant wait to follow your journey!!

Christy :)

kerri said...

Shame on you girls for hogging Mr. Brian, I have not had the privledge of a visit.
He sounds wonderful, we enjoy his comments on everyone's sites.

Mr.Brian said...

All I can say is I have all you women sooooo fooled!!!!LOLOLOl
Thanks for the kind words you ladies sure know how to boost my self esteem.
As for the emergency vehicals at the Long Term Care, no worries it was a fals alarm.
Hey maybe for your next fund raising event for someone you gals can raffel off a date with me.
Hmmm guess you would like to make more the 25 cents.
I may try posting the picture of you and Becky trying to smooch me on my blog too.
Again congrats on the little man.
Have a wonderful weekend.It was so nice meeting you and some of the family.You are all so sweet,I felt like I've known you for years.


sounds like a fabulous day ... i am still up for us all buying a huge piece of land and forming our own communion .... hee hee ...

nikki said...

OK, so we're all movin' to Iowa now?
I'm in!

Beckyb said...

Yep - you all move out here - we have fun parks, good food, more than one gas station AND the Bilby's - what more could you want!?!?!? :) Was SO fun to have you - come again SOON!!!!