Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Today, I was going about my business and thought to myself, "Erin will be getting up soon". Then I realized that she is indeed in school and I won't see her until about 4 pm.

So, Mya and I have been keeping busy with housework. The laundry has piled up and somehow the floors can always use vacuuming.

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shelley said...

Today was Claire's first day of preschool. I begin to ask her what she is doing and remember she isn't here until 3. BOO HOO

redmaryjanes said...

Today is the second day of school. Tonight starts our crazy fall schedule. Tyler has his first youth group activity tonight at our new church at 7pm. Zach has hockey practice also at 7pm. With both activities ending at 8:30pm. Um, I'm sure I can pull this off, how about cloning myself???


i have some laundry here to do ... let's do it together ...

Mr.Brian said...

I sure hope I have a chance to see you when you come to our fine town.
As far as a place to stay with breakfast in bed and child care?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I think that would be the Bilby house and Joe.Becky will be your tour guide.
Have Becky remind me when you will be here.

Steffie B. said... is always a little weird that first week back isn't it? Emmie is in full blown sports and volleyball. Sophia starts preschool next week and Daniel.....well that boy just needs to run. So on days when both sissy's are in school....Mommy and Daniel are going to find a place to let loose! ;)

nikki said...

It must feel weird -- the house is a little emptier now -- which is probably how you noticed that it needed to be vaccuumed!?
Enjoy your one on one time with won't last forever.
Love you, V, and thanks for chattin' with me this week! I am so thankful for you girls.

P.S. That is a great picture of Erin! Did you take it?

The Phillips said...

My house is quite too! Strange how when they are little you sometimes can't wait for them to get just a little bigger. Then once they are bigger, you wish they could be little again! =]

Oh, and you should see my floors. I think my vacuum is actually afraid! LOL