Friday, October 26, 2007

13 Months since LID

Wow!! I've got so much to do and travel will be upon us soon. *Want to send another care package with a letter asking about habits--sleeping, eating, toys, favorite items.
*Need to get going on "With Eyes Wide Open".
*Want to browse through "Toddler Adoption".
*My sister, Colleen has agreed to come and stay with Mya and Erin. One thing is settled. Thanks, Keeny.

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the time is flying by and I am sure you are feeling anxious as I did ... God's timing is so perfect .. the day i get back the boys only have 2 days of school for thanksgiving break, so we are going to skip those 2 days and take the week off as a family ...

can't wait for the shower ... will be sending you a gift card, so you can decide what Noah needs .. we got an update on Maggie from Red Thread China ... says she weighs 33 lbs .. wow, that is a big girl .. that is only 2lbs lighter than emily ... if it is true i will be taking back a lot of clothes ...