Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ann from Red Thread emailed to say she had received our package for Noah. She sent this picture so that we could know that it all arrived in tact. She also called the SWI to get an update. Here is the email we received from Ann.

Dear Keith:
I just got the informaition about ZhengGang,Miss Hu got it for me ,she is a very nice lady,she manage the adoption part:


Zheng Gang live with the foster family,he call him grandma,the foster grandma loves Zheng Gang very much,Zheng Gang is very spoiled ,Miss Hu (Hu Lin) said that the foster grandma had couple quarrels with her neighbours ,because couple of them said that Zheng Gang had no hand,then the foster grandma was very angry with them and told them,that Zheng Gang was the best boy in the world ,she loves him very much.....Zheng Gang loves to smile ,he is a very smart boy ,a little chubby so he is very cute,he does not speak a lot ,not very outgoing ,but he just laughs to smile and smile.....zheng gang is also a very good housekeeper,each time he comes to the orphange with the foster grandma,he will take good care of the grandma stuff ,won`t let any nanny get his grandma stuff ,so Zheng Gang is very popular in the orphange too!!

Keith,you are the lucky one ,i can tell Hu Lin and the grandma love Zheng Gang very much!!I have a suggestion,when you come to China for Zheng Gang ,you might can give these two nice ladies a supprise ,i know that Miss Hu(Hu Lin) will love lotion and the grandma will love ginseng.....sweet pea liton is not expensive ,but smells very good ,the large bottle only cost $9.5...
I will let you know when zheng gang gets his package!
Have a wonderful day and talk to you soon,love,Ann

6 viewers thoughts.:

nikki said...

Oh V, that little letter was so sweet - didn't it warm your heart to picture those ladies lovin' your sweet boy!? I'm so glad to hear he is in good, caring hands until you get there for him.
(just don't forget your lotions when you go!)

Colleen said...

Seeing this e-mail must help make the whole process of becoming mommy to Noah feel much more real. I hope that you "Have a wonderful day" just as Ann suggests!

Steffie B. said...

How totally precious.....what an awesome letter to get! ;)

redmaryjanes said...

Hi there Verna!
Could you do a post for your Big Boy Shower?

Beckyb said...

What a neat idea - to have them check on Noah for you - I may have to have more info on that someday! SO neat to get a tidbit of information - to adoptive moms that is WONDERFUL!!!

The Shocks said...

That is wonderful to know that he is so loved. It made me tear up to think of his grandma taking up for him with the neighbors. You go granny!!! I am ready for you all to travel.