Sunday, October 07, 2007

Daddy's BAD Night

You know how we sometimes complain about being at work--so busy, crazy people, no breaks--well, Keith needs to win an award for his Saturday with Mya. Below is an email that I received while at work last night.


Nice Quiet Shopping Trip
To: Verna
So, Mya and I are in Soderquists doing some shopping. Mya says she has to go to the bathroom. I said can you hold it for awhile. Well, to make a long story short, we're at the checkout and Mya says I'm going poop in my underwear. Well, if that weren't bad enough, the "liquid" poop started running out of her pants leg onto the floor. I had to carry her to the bathroom and wipe and wipe and wipe. The cashier closed the checkout line. Good thing Mya had a long shirt on because she didn't have on anything under it after all that.

There you go. Your evening isn't so bad after all.

9 viewers thoughts.:

holly m. said...

Didn't know whether to laugh or cry!! Not that it's funny really but.....the being thankful for Mya's long shirt sorta made me giggle, a little. ;)

Poor Keith, what a great guy!!

Beckyb said...

Yes - I think he deserves an award!!! What a Dad!!!

redmaryjanes said...

Oh man, you can't mess those little ones when they say they have to potty. Poor Daddy. How awful.

Mr.Brian said...

Bet next time daddy get's her to the bathroom right away.
Sad for both of them but Mr.Brian always loves a good poop story.Guess it is still the nursing home worker in me.

Gail and Dan said...

Yes I also enjoy a good poop story being a former nurse.(and I laughed a little too) I do feel bad for Dad though. Ahh the joys of parenthood...wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. :)

The Shocks said...

Poor Keith. I guess he learned a lesson that day.:)

Steffie B. said...

Oh dear.....I feel terrible for the both of them. And secretly you are thinking...."welcome to my daily life right"? I bet he'll never make her wait to go to the potty again!


yuk, yuk, yuk ... poor Keith !!! it does make my day look pretty bright !

nikki said...

Oh man! I'm laughing over here (sorry)...but I feel Keith's pain...Lily usually gives me a 30 second warning before she yells "I'm gonna pee everywhere!"