Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Second Post Today ---> LOI sent & Boy stuff

Today, we mailed our official Letter of Intent to Grand Rapids along with some other paperwork. Hopefully with our dossier being in the review room, we will have a quick Letter of Acceptance.

There are many things to do. First, I will be working a few extra hours at the hospital to help get the cashola for the flights. Secondly, we received our "With Eyes Wide Open" workbook today. That is a priority. Of course, I have daily conversations with Mya about how she will have to change some of her behaviors so that she is a "big girl" when Noah arrives. I am considering asking Keith to clean out his office (the 3rd bedroom on the upper level) so that we can have dressers in there. Mya will share her room with Noah for a while with a mattress on the floor for each of them BUT, the room is small and two mattresses will take up most of the floor space. Need to learn some sign language and Chinese so that we can communicate with Noah. Thinking about winter weather, I need to get a boys winter coat and boots. The list could cover this whole page. So, I will stop there. You get the gist.

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The Shocks said...

Verna I understand how you are feeling. I have so many things going through my head of what I need to do and buy. I have people at work asking me what Ethan needs. Winter clothes, coat and toys for boys. We need to paint Hannah's room and get Ethan's bed. Hummmm. Breath Pam


make sure his boots are super cool!! we have a pair that both boys wore and I am keeping them if we a boy from Ethiopia ... toys- hotwheels, thomas the train, super heros, and legos ... those are all winners !! I have been told that teaching the "yes and no" head nods is a must at first to help them comm.

i am so excited for you !!! did my package arrive yet ???