Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday at Home

This is one of those days where both Keith and I will be home on the same evening. They are few and far between lately--only one last week and one this week. Typically I am home 2 evenings each week but one of them is usually Wednesday and we go to church then. So, we really only get one evening a week.
Today, Mya and I have pretended babies, played outside, ridden her jeep, swang, and way more activities than we have been doing lately. Right now she is playing Dora's Mermaid Adventure on --boy can she suck up the garbage (check out the game to see what I mean).

On the adoption front, we await refingerprinting and our LOA. Thursday marks one month since match and 3 weeks since LOI was sent. Using Gwen as a gauge, we should have LOA in 4-6 weeks and travel in about 10 weeks. That puts us at or near the New Year's mark. We are actually rooting for Christmas.

I'm trying to put together a list for the Cyber shower but since we have little boy toys from when Joe was little and lots of toddler toys from Mya, bedding for a twin bed that is appropriate for either sex, baby blankets yet unused and a bathtub strewn with bath toys, I am discouraging toys and bedding as gifts. Clothing is always good and bigger sizes are better so that we don't have to shop for a while. We have a trike, pink plastic trike thingy, 2 pink riders and of course, the pink jeep. Noah will not know any different so please don't tell him that pink is a "girl" color. I do draw a line at pink clothing--he would look very silly in pink flowered shirts and pink or aqua corduroy pants. We have purchased a cute black corduroy winter jacket but no snow pants, boots, mittens or hats. So, winter items are good. I found a pair of pants that have zip-off legs to convert to shorts. I think they will be good for travel since the weather can go either way. I don't have swim trunks or summer clothing either. We are open to any season. Bottom line is, if you have a boy and you know they really loved something particular at 2 1/2, that's probably a good thing to get Noah. I am just so thankful to have great blog friends that are willing to do this.

Honestly, I was going to start a Target list but it just seemed too hard. I did get a good chuckle out of the baby wipe warmer. For some reason, that just struck my funny bone.

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nikki said...

Sounds like you girls had a great day! Lily and I went to the zoo today - the weather was PERFECT!
I'm frustrated though, cuz I couldn't get the Dora mermaid game to play.

It is getting close to "GO" time for Noah! (SOOOO exciting) I have NO idea when it comes to boys, so I hope you enjoy Target gift cards!

Love ya! Hope you're enjoying your evening with the hubs.

redmaryjanes said...

I'm getting some comments about the shower! I have clothing 2T and 3T on there. I also have some things of Eli's that are in great shape that I would love to send, if you don't mind that they were his before.
Oh, Noah's little face just makes me nuts, those cheeks. You must be just beside yourself to get ahold of him and just kiss away.


you are getting ready ... it will be here before you know it !!! can't wait to see that cutie at our next reunion ...

Anonymous said...

I am just so excited about your new little son!! Thanks for keeping us all updated. This is a great way to stay connected. I joined FACEBOOK so that I can also stay connected with my kids (if they'd all just add me as their "friend"!)
Stay strong, patient, full of hope and keep your eyes on the Lord!!
Shelly (Michelle) HOlt

Steffie B. said...

Oh I can't wait to shop! ;)

Kim said...

Hi Verna!
Thanks for visiting me! Noah is just adorable, he looks like he just needs to be picked up and cuddled. Love those cheeks! Congratulations!!! I hope you have a great trip!