Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Naked Trees and Blowing Leaves

Fall is here in full force. Today, I put Mya in to her snow pants, winter coat and boots and out we went to get rid of some of those pesky leaves. It was in the low 40s this morning. Keith had the bagger on the mower but has since removed it so that he can access the hitch for other uses. So, today's goal was to just grind and blow the leaves down the edge of the "hill" toward the swamp [oh, yes, realtors call them wetlands ;). ]

Mya was busy with her jeep and swings and other fun stuff. Once, she got cold and decided she needed hot cocoa. On the second round of blowing, I looked up to see that she had an ice cream sandwich in her hand. Little stinker had gone in to the kitchen and gotten it herself. Guess she warmed up sometime in there.

At one point, she looked up at the trees and declared that some were naked (I had said that a few days before) and that some still had leaves to keep them warm. Then she giggled.

2 viewers thoughts.:

Mr.Brian said...

I've got leaves to share if anyone wants some.

nikki said...

Brrrr...sounds cold! It was 50 here today and I was shivering.

Hot cocoa and an ice cream sandwich - quite the combo, Mya!

Love the bare naked trees - sounds like something Lily would say! such silly girls...silly mommas too!