Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Night News

Another week has passed and it all feels like a whirlwind. There are so many things to do that I don't really know where to start. So, sometimes, I don't!!

First, I bought clothes--now we took them back. I still have a couple 2Ts but have opted to have mostly 3s. I think I will include some 2s in the care package that is weighing on my heart. I finally contacted Ann at Red Thread China so that I can find out what the protocol is. I want to get the items here so that Mya and Erin can help choose what to send.

Our homestudy update has been delayed due to some background checks taking an extra long time. We have to be refingerprinted and get our I600 (or whatever that is) in again cuz it will expire in January. Fortunately, there is a free extension available on some of that.

I'm trying hard to clean out closets and ditch some stuff in an effort to feel like we have some space. Both our garbage and recycling are overflowing today --tomorrow is pick up day. I suspect they will be full again next week.

I've got a small quilt that I want to put together and I also want to put some satin binding on a piece of polar fleece. The polar fleece has bright red ladybugs on it and will have red binding. I hope that is suitable for a little boy.

Saturday is our Annual Church Bonfire that we host. It is always fun. Last year, I got a raging case of stomach flu and we had to cancel. I think everyone missed it.

I'm working an extra weekend this month to help with a computer upgrade. There will be downtime and that is always a hassle--returning to paper reporting is kind of a pain. Hopefully, I will get a bonus for picking it up. I've been working extra hours all summer in the hopes that my PTO bank will increase. Will have to see how many hours I have. I am sure it is not the 3 months worth that I would need to cover parental leave.
That's the scoop. Stay tuned for updates.

4 viewers thoughts.:

holly m. said...

You sound super busy, Verna! Take care of yourself and try to rest in there, too! :)

Nancy said...

I just went and looked in my boys baby books. They were all around 26 pounds when they were 18 months. I know they were in a size 24 months at that time. There is also a slight difference in size from 24 months to 2T, so I would start with some 2T, and then move on from there.
Since you don't know his exact measurements it could be tricky. My boys were long in the torso, and could never wear overall type clothing.

redmaryjanes said...

You are doing a great job preparing. He's going to feel right at home.

Steffie B. said...

Hang in there will all come together!