Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

What a busy, crazy life we lead!

Been busy creating blogger layouts for folks.

Keep your eyes out for some new looks. Some are holiday ones and will make only limited appearances. I've also been creating graphics for sidebars. I really like this one of the 9 mo LID.

Work has been often--7 days last payperiod, 8 this one (my status is half time).

Still no news on our Letter of Acceptance for Noah. When we get that, things will move quickly. I really want/need to get another package out to him along with more pictures--some of the house and his room.

I'd also like to find out if Ann at Red Thread would translate some children's books for me if I sent them. I'd like to send Choco and maybe another one but not sure which one. Any suggestions?

Erin has decided to not work for a while. They had her working nearly every Friday and that's not so good for a teenager's social life. We hardly saw her. So we are OK with her taking a break.

Erin will be riding with Carrie's in-laws out to visit Carrie and Jon over Thanksgiving. So, Now we only have Joe and Rachael in town. Keith's parents decided not to have a meal at their house. We will be making a turkey here and hoping they will make the drive down.

Miss Ginger caught a squirrel last week. Too funny to watch. It was not dead when she carried up to the patio area. She dropped it and played with it/tormented it until it died. Reminded me of a cat and mouse.

The squirrel is still laying in the backyard, waiting for a proper burial.

Mya has had some bad days lately. Not at all sure why. Maybe mom is working too much. Maybe she is starting to realize that she is going to have to share her family. Maybe she is just spoiled. (I think Keith goes for the last one.) Today is a good day. It is a bit like this theater mask around here at times.
* * * * *
This weekend, we lost a wonderful man from our church. John was a dad to four boys and husband to Tarryn. His life was a testimony to the very end. Death is harder to accept when the person is younger but God has a plan and He is in control. Keep this family in your prayers.

6 viewers thoughts.:

~Amy~ said...

Love the new look! I loved all the tidbits! I'll will for sure be praying for John and his family. I hope all is well! :)

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Love the new look...
Praying for John and his family..
Hope my gift got there safe...
It was suppose to get there today...
Have a Wonderful Evening

Beckyb said...

LOVED the tidbits, Verna. You are so clever!! You make me smile!!

nikki said...

You certainly are busy.
And the thing with Mya might be a combo of all the reasons you listed plus one more...the fact that she is THREE! Lily sure does resemble those masks some days. You are NOT alone, sista!

I'm so sorry to hear about John - I will continue to pray for his family...such a sad, sad situation.

Mr.Brian said...

Nice to be updated on what is going on in your busy life.
I could not imagine that daddy could think his little girl is spoiled.(being spoiled myself I see nothing wrong with that).
Have a great remainder of a week.

Steffie B. said...

I figured things have been crazy busy for you!

I'm so sorry about your friends loss. Will keep them in my prayers.

As for Mya.....I agree with Nikki....she's 3 and 3 is much tougher than 2.