Monday, November 26, 2007

Watching What We Eat




OK, this post should be about me but I am actually watching Mya. This morning, she enjoyed grilled cheese with an apple juice chaser for breakfast. Mya's breakfast had a dessert--popsicle. For lunch, she had a runny egg, cheetoes (for dipping in the yolk, of course), cheese stick. Between meals, she is enjoying candy from various sources and some bubble gum that I suckered up to buy at the store yesterday. For supper, we are having turkey soup--well, at least Keith and I are having turkey soup. Mya, well, that remains to be seen. Perhaps a PB sandwich.

3 viewers thoughts.:

mommy24treasures said...

eww on the runny egg with cheetos;)

Glad to hear there are more mommy's that get suckered from time to time!

Mr.Brian said...

I am busting a gut over here Verna.I can not beging to say how much I love what you all did to my blog.I came home from work and was looking at it and just laughed and laughed all you added today.
Thanaks so much.You made my entire holiday special.

Steffie B. said...

Ok....egg and cheetos....gagging over here! lol But we have strange eaters over here I'd better keep quiet!